Best Way to Organize Shoes in Garage – How do you make a garage shoe rack?

Do you have a lot of shoes? Well, most of the people have a huge collection of shoes and it can easily get out of hand to manage it. There are some shoes that you do not wear all the time. They are either used occasionally or seasonally like boots, high heels etc. Except for a pair of sneakers and formal shoes or two, you need to organize everything in the right way. If you are here to know about the best way to organize shoes in garage, then we will tell you everything you want to know.

Best Way to Organize Shoes in Garage

Just as programing your garage door and repairing your garage door is important, so is organizing the items in the garage. We tend to get more and more shoes and this can be a real pain when it comes to managing them. They need proper care and storing them in the right way is important. Regardless of the purpose of your garage organization system, it is crucial to keep everything cohesive. Read on to know how you can organize all your shoes in the garage.

How to organize the shoes?

Here are some of the tips for you to store and organize the shoes in the right way:

  • Keep the shoes off the floor

The most important thing is to store the shoes to keep them off the floor. You can build a rack or a special shelf for the shoes. Keeping the shoes tidy is essential. So, keep them away from the floor. This way, your floor too will remain clutter-free.

  • Don’t store in wire racks

It is important to avoid storing your shoes in the racks made up of wire. Though these wire racks are cheap and easily available, it is a bad call. It can make the shoes lose their original shape. You can keep it in either racks made up of woods or fibers.

  • Sort them in categories

While storing the shoes in the garage, you must sort the shoes based on the categories. Keep all the sports shoes or sneakers together, while keeping the heel together separately. Also, make a separate section for the flats and a separate one for the boots. This way it will be easier to find your shoes.

  • Store in shoe boxes with lids

Some of the shoes like boots and special running shoes can be stored in the clear shoe boxes with leads. This will keep the shoes unharmed and undamaged. Nothing can crush the shoes and they will retain its original size and shape forever. If boxes aren’t your thing, garage organization experts suggest installing cabinets to help store your shoes. 

  • Store fancy heels at the top

If you have dressy high heels, then you need to store them at the top of the rack. These shoes do not fit easily into the racks. Thus, they can be stored at the top of the rack to keep it safe and properly.


So, follow these tips if you are looking for the best way to organize shoes in garage. By these, you can easily take care of your shoes and organize them in the right way. If you have a lot of shoes, then you need to buy a separate rack for the extra shoes. Do not dump one shoe over the other as this can make your shoes dirty and damage the shoes too.