How to Fix Garage Door Alignment – Tips from the Pros

When a garage door is out of alignment, it can cause a ton of frustration. It can become jammed and stop working mid open or close, which is a nightmare during a time sensitive moment like when you’re going to work or taking the kids to school. Even though it is always recommended to have a professional who knows how to fix garage door alignment, it is possible to fix at home.

How to Fix Garage Door Alignment

Don’t know how to fix garage door alignment? The first things to check are the garage door springs and cables, see if the obstacle is on the track, then adjust the track hardware and position of the track.

Why Does a Garage Door Get Misaligned?

A garage door can become off of it’s alignment for a few reasons. When it is used frequently and the hardware becomes worn and loosened up or if the garage door has been recently hit, the alignment can be off.

Not fixing an unaligned garage door can be dangerous in the event that the door falls of the tracks and onto someone or if it wont close and leaves your home vulnerable to a break in.

First Things to Check

Garage door springs and cables – the springs and cables that use tension to open and close the garage door can become loose, out of place, ripped or broken. These fixtures should be checked first to see if the cables can be easily moved back into place. If not, a professional can repair or place the broken or ripped cables for anywhere around $150 to $200.

Obstacle on track – The path along the track should be checked for any obstructions, dents or debris that could be causing some kind of blockage or malfunction. Debris and blockages are easy to clean out, however dents in the tracks need adjustment, which will require more muscle work (or money, if you want a specialist to fix it).

Fix a Binding Garage Door

A garage door that is bound is one that seems impossible to move out of position either up or down.

Adjusting the track hardware – Check along the track to find any loosened screws that need to be tightened up. It is also possible for screws to be tightened through constant vibrations of the garage door usage. Loosen the ones that seem to be so tight that they are warping the track.  

Adjusting the Position of the Track – With a rubber mallet, tap along the bottom of the track to get it back into position. After this, use a leveler to make sure that the track is going straight up and down.

Other Damages To Check

Rust – Due to various weather conditions, exposure to chemicals and multiple uses, a garage door can become molded, rusted or damaged to the point that the door is not operating correctly. It is best to have this replaced by a professional. Hardware like the hinges should be checked for rust and damages as well through frequent maintenance. These may be easier to fix by the owner, however it does take some muscle and maybe more than one person to handle.

Old Parts –  If the home is old and the garage hasn’t been upgraded in a very long time (if at all), then some of the parts may bee to be replaced, If more than just two fixtures are damaged beyond repair, a specialist may suggest that it is time to replace all the garage door fixtures, technology and details.

In Conclusion

If a garage door is not repaired when it is off it’s tracks and needs a realignment, the situation can become worse and possibly injure someone. It is important to either know how to fix garage door alignment, what to check for or when it is the appropriate time to call an expert to come take a look.

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