Garage Door Hard to Open – DIY Solutions

Is the garage door hard to open? You might surely have encountered the same stubborn garage door problem at least once in your lifetime, right? You are not alone: this is a common issue among car owners, and it could happen to anyone. Sometimes, you think it was the broken garage door springs which make your roll up door hard to open, or that something else caused the garage door sticking. Whatever the case is, it seems okay for some owners to delay the issue, even though they do know they need a dented garage door repair right away. However, we are here to tell you that, no matter which case you are in, you should never wait too long to fix your door.  

Garage Door Hard to Open

There are many garage door problems and solutions to consider. In this article, we will talk about the garage door’s different parts (e.g. garage door springs) to explain why your garage door is difficult to open, or why is the garage door sticking. We intend to offer you some advice on how to fix the “temper” of your stubborn garage door, but you may probably need a professional dented garage door repair later on, especially if you haven’t carefully examined your door for years. 

Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs certainly serve as the system’s nerves behind the door’s functioning. However, nothing is immaculate – springs have their own lifespan too, and the garage door will not stretch properly and flexibly without them.

When the springs begin to break, it could cause serious issues over time. But there’s a way to examine their health: switch off your automatic door opener (if you have one) and roll up your door only halfway open. Does it still maintain properly? If not, don’t hesitate to call for professional help – this is a potential safety issue. Fixing the garage door springs can also help quite a garage door

Garage Cables

Impaired garage cables would also incur the malfunction. Make sure not to ignore any issues among the cables, especially because of the potential harm they may bring upon people. Most importantly, do not attempt to handle the cables solely by yourself. Call for in-time help!

Garage Door Rollers

The rollers also play a significant role in every smooth-functioning garage door, and it certainly needs to be repaired or replaced once they are out of their durability. It is also useful to apply some lubricating oil.

Damaged Parts

Any sort of physical impact over the years could incur serious concerns, which make your door dented or even distorted. Makes sure to install a new door when that happens.

Garage Door Tracks and Hinges

Tracks won’t last long, either. Loosened or seriously damaged tracks would also impair the proper function of the garage door. When that happens, it is the owner’s job to do a basic ceiling-to-door inspection and a general full check.

Another factor that may seriously affect the operation of the garage door is the damaged hinges, so replacement is a must for these. Applying lubrication oil on a regular basis would also help keep your tracks and hinges healthy.


Why does my garage door get stuck?

Track malfunction could be a reason behind the faulty garage doors. If there’s anything stuck in the tracks, make sure to clean and remove it immediately.

Why is my garage door opening so slow?

You may want to adjust the speed setting of your door opener. To fix the issue, use a stepladder to reach the mechanical parts and lubricate it, especially if you haven’t done so for a long while, and then examine the speed again by opening and shutting the garage door a few times.

Are you still worried about your garage door being hard to open? Don’t worry: we believe that you’ve learned how to fix the stubborn garage door now. We sincerely understand your frustration when you find your roll up door hard to open (or garage door sticking), but this article will get you out of trouble in no time. When it comes to mechanical parts, from the smallest to the garage door springs, it is always necessary to do a full check and simply call for help whenever you need to, so as to make sure you’d acquire a professional dented garage door repair in no time.