Garage Door Repair Tips

There are several reasons why garage door maintenance is so important. First is to ensure your safety and security, as your garage door is one way to enter your house. Your garage door should be in a well-functioning order to serve its purpose, and it also adds to your curb appeal. To maintain your garage door, performing an annual inspection is a must. If you find small damages here and there, knowing some garage door repair tips will surely help.

Garage Door Repair Tips

A few basic maintenance steps can be done during your annual inspection. The following simple checks will give you the know-how on how to fix garage door alignment and help you recognize and prevent simple damages.

Inspect the Tracks

The tracks should work with your garage door for many years to come. To make sure they do, it is essential to check them for dents or other damage. For minor dents, use a rubber hammer to pound it into place. For major damages, however, you might want to consider replacing the tracks altogether.

Cleaning and clearing the tracks from all debris is next. Get rid of dirt and dust using a large paintbrush, then wipe out the tracks using a household cleaner.

Aside from checking the tracks for damages and debris, see if they are correctly aligned and level. If they are, well and good; otherwise, you need some tips on how to align my garage door. Loosen the mounting brackets first, then tap the tracks so they are perpendicular with each other, tilting a little towards the back of the garage.

Lubricate the Machines

A basic part of garage door maintenance is lubricating pulleys, rollers, and tracks. It can be done by simply using a garage door lubricant powder or spray for your tracks and pulleys. For the rollers, you can use simple household lubricating oil. This is a simple fix for when your garage door may be hard to open or when it jerks while opening and closing

Tighten Loose Pieces

Finally, ensure that all bolts, fasteners, and nuts are tight in place. If you ever come across loosely installed pieces during an inspection, tighten them as soon as possible; procrastination may lead to forgetting it altogether.

Consult Professional Garage Door Repair Service

Those basic garage door maintenance tasks are easy to follow for your DIY inspection; however, some tasks require the skills of a professional. Problems that warrant a garage door repair service include the following:

  • If your automatic garage door opener is having issues with the built-in safety reversal features, as such problems can compromise your car and your safety when not attended immediately.
  • If your garage door has a central spring that needs to be repaired or replaced. The central spring consists of high-tension springs, and trying to remove them can result in an accident and serious injury.
  • If your garage door has major or complicated damage such as a large dent that warrants the help of a professional or requires total replacement and garage door tune up cost.


How often do garage doors need maintenance?

Generally, garage door maintenance is done annually. How often you need to lubricate depends on the garage door parts. The rail needs lubrication once a year, but for hinges, rollers, springs, and tracks, it is advisable to grease them quarterly.

How can I make my garage door quieter?

There are a few ways to keep your garage door quiet:

  • If your garage door opener is chain-driven, change it to a belt-driven type.
  • If you have steel rollers, replace them with nylon type.
  • Change your extension spring system to torsion springs, which are installed above the door and are quieter.

Are you supposed to lubricate garage door springs?

Lubricating all moving parts every six months is essential to minimize wear and keep the door quiet. When lubricating, avoid products like spray lithium grease and oil, which are more affordable but do not penetrate deeply. These products also tend to pick up dirt and dust easily – something you do not want your garage door spring to have.

Bottom Line 

These basic garage door repair tips, such as how to fix garage door off track, can go a long way with regards to your safety and security and saving dollars for repair and replacement. An annual inspection of your garage door is advised, and you are encouraged to DIY simple maintenance steps. However, when it comes to more complicated maintenance and repair tasks, consider calling a professional garage door specialist for help to avoid accidents and injuries. After all, what matters more than money is your safety!