Garage Door Safety Tips

Did you know that there are basic garage door safety tips you can follow to keep your family safe? There are many injuries reported every year that are related to garage doors. These injuries are caused by poor installation, operation, and maintenance of these garage doors.

Garage Door Safety Tips

In order to prevent possible injury or damages, it’s important to be aware of safety measures when it comes to garage doors. To help you protect your family from these injuries, below are 7 garage door safety tips you can follow.

1. Keep Garage Door Remotes Away from Children

Kids are usually playful and they may get tempted to play near the garage door if they get access to the remote controls. Ensure your remote is locked up in places where your kids cannot access them. You should also warn them about the risks of playing with the remote controls and why they need to play away from the garage door.

2. Watch your Fingers

If your hands get caught between the garage door sections you can get injured. So teach your kids to keep their fingers and hands away from the door sections when closing it. For garage doors that are operated manually, ensure you use the lift handles when opening or closing the door. If you are fitting a new garage door, consider getting an electric garage door opener or one that has pinch protection.

3. Never go Under a Moving Garage Door

You should never, at any instance, walk or run under a closing garage door. That would be calling for trouble as you can easily get crushed! If you want to exit your home through the garage door, it’s advisable to install keypad openers. These can help you open or close the door from the outside so you won’t have to run under it. If you have kids that you think may be tempted to race under the garage door, ensure you fit sensors in your door. Sensors usually stop the door whenever someone tries to pass under it.

4. Regular Inspections

The best way to prevent potential hazards in your garage is by conducting inspections preferably after every month. You should check that all the garage door parts are working perfectly. This includes gears, cables, and sensors. Also consider doing annual maintenance. A professional technician should help you replace any worn out parts or those that are broken. This will ensure your garage door is in perfect condition and it will reduce risks of accidents.

5. Hire a Professional

You should never try to install a garage door, or even repair damaged gears or cables. While it may seem an easy job for handy homeowners, it is usually a very risky task. Garage doors are usually heavy, and the springs and cable are under extreme tension from the weight. A small mistake when handling them can easily cause severe injury and sometimes death. You should, therefore, leave this task to be handled by a qualified technician.

6. Test the Auto-reverse Sensitivity

Garage doors are created with an auto-reverse mechanism that makes the door to change direction when it comes into contact with a person or object. In case the door does not reverse when it meets an object, then its opener’s sensitivity might have been set wrongly. And this is a recipe for disaster!

You can test for reversing sensitivity by opening your garage door and then placing an object like a broom on its way. The door should reverse when it comes into contact with the broom.

If your door doesn’t reverse you need to check your manual to guide you on how to adjust it. Alternatively, you can call your technician for assistance.

7. The Six-inch Rule

Garage door safety beams, which detect objects under the door, should be installed not upwards of six inches from the garage floor. Placing these photoelectric eyes beyond this distance may make objects under the door to go undetected by the safety beams, which can get them crushed. Also, ensure your door is installed with this safety feature.

To Summarize

You don’t have to remove your garage door in order to keep your family safe. The above garage door safety tips will keep your garage from being damaged and help you keep your family safe from injuries.