Garage Door Won’t Close With Remote

Is your door trouble any of these: garage door won’t close with remote, garage keeps going back up, garage door opens by itself, or garage door won’t open all the way? Having problems with garage doors isn’t uncommon. In any case, every homeowner should have a garage door opener troubleshooting manual and some basic repair-know-how. If all else fails, calling garage door professionals is the most sensible thing.

Garage Door Safety Sensors

They look similar to cameras and are installed inside the garage on either side of the garage door. For proper installation, make sure the photo-eyes are 3-5inches above the floor’s surface. These sensors send invisible beam across the opening to command the operator to close/open the door. To generate this invisible beam, the sensors must point at each other directly.

Easy TIPS: Garage Door Won’t Close With Remote

You’d know when there’s a malfunction in the garage door sensor colors because one of the sensor lights will blink. The remotes won’t work to close the garage door and it only moves an inch in the “closing” or “opening” direction. It’s caused by: dirty eyes, broken beam, misaligned sensor light/s, blocked path between sensors, OR loose wires at the motor head or at the sensors. These issues also disable any wireless keypads/remotes and you’d observe that the garage door won’t open all the way (or the garage door opener only works sometimes).

The only method how to bypass garage door sensors and be able to close it is by holding down the wall console/wall button until the door completely closes. Doing this helps you see clearly that nothing’s in the way. But this isn’t a permanent fix.

Other Garage Door Troubleshooting When it doesn’t Close/Open All the Way

See to it that the sensor-eyes are clean, the eyes are directed at each other, and the wire connections are securely fastened at sensors and motor heads.

You can also try to unplug/re-plug the garage door opener into the outlet. This should reset the unit and possibly the sensors as well.

If none works, then the sensors may have to be replaced.

How do you fix a garage door that won’t close?

If something’s blocking the sensors (vehicle tires or broom handle) simply remove them. If there’s no object, check for cobwebs or leaves that are stuck to the sensors. Make sure to clean the sensors and look for its light to come on.

If sensor lights still haven’t come on, the sensors may have been kicked or bumped accidentally and knocked them out of alignment. This disrupts the invisible beam –preventing the door from operating with the wireless pad/remote.

How do I get my garage door to close all the way?

You need to adjust the close-limit switch. It instructs the motor when to stop running (both when closing/opening). If set wrong, it can prevent the door from closing all the way. Or, you need to realign/adjust the safety sensors. On either side of the garage doors are electronic eyes that need a clear line of view in between. If something’s blocking the sight line, or are not aligned, the door won’t descend all the way.

Why does my garage door stop and go back up?
This can be caused by objects blocking its path on the ground (toys, stones, cans). It’s also triggered by debris-buildup on the tracks.

Garage Door Not Closing?

Try these garage door troubleshooting steps when your garage door won’t close with remote. You can also check out our recent article for more garage door repair tips and tricks.