How to Measure for Garage Doors

Before you replace or buy, knowing how to measure for garage doors is crucial. It means you will get the right door for the garage. Its installation and operation should be easy as long as you get it right from the very start. 

How to Measure for Garage Doors

Are you trying to get the measurements for your garage door? You have terrific timing. This post will take you through the measuring process. It will also throw in a few tips to make the process easy. 

Method #1: Measuring Garage Door

  1. Begin with the broadest part of the opening door. It should run from the right to the left end of the door. Keep your eyes open to notice any irregularities that may affect the dimensions.
  2. Get the height of the door opening. It should run from the top to the bottom of the door opening. Again, you should be aware of any irregularities that can affect the final dimensions and keep in mind if it is a single garage door or larger.
  3. It is time to get the widths for the rest of the parts other than the opening. You will need at least 5 inches on each side of the vertical part. If you are doing a double-door installation, then you will need a 10-inch width. 
  4. Get the dimensions for the top of the door opening and the ceiling. You can also go with the lowest part of obstruction for the ceiling. You should stick to the manufacturer’s headroom recommendations religiously. 
  5. Get the dimensions from the door opening to the nearest obstruction or the back of your garage. If you are installing a sectional door with manual lifting, the backroom space should not be less than the height of your door plus an extra 18 inches. For doors that will use an electric opening system, the backroom should be the door’s height plus an extra 4’2”. 

Method #2: Measuring Garage Door with Roll-Up Coiling

  1. Measure the widest width of the door opening from the left to the right side. Check for any imperfections that can affect the dimensions.
  2. Go for the vertical height of the door. It is the distance between the lowest part of the floor and the top of the opening. 
  3. Ensure you get right the side clearances for each door type. Each door type comes with clearance requirements from the manufacturer. 
  4. Measure the clearance for the headroom. Again, each door type will need a different clearance allowance. 
  5. Finally, get the backroom clearance depending on the type of door you want to install. 

Tips for Garage Door Measuring

  • Allocate and mark electrical outlets for the door opening
  • Be sure on the level of the floor
  • Look out for any irregularities that may affect the dimensions such as different types of hinges and other parts that are loose. 

Bottom Line 

It is useful to know how to measure for garage doors. It saves time and money because you will always get the right door for your garage. When measuring, make sure that any surface irregularities do not interfere with the dimensions and make sure that you’re following proper garage door safety tips as well. When you get the measurements right, the door should fit just like it belongs there. Note that different door types will require varying clearance sizes. If you need additional help when it comes to measuring your garage door, reach out to an expert to ensure that you’re getting it done correctly for when you’re installing a new garage door

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