How to Tighten Garage Door Chain

A garage door chain plays a very important role in keeping the garage door well operated and managed. You also have to make sure that the garage door chain is properly tightened to prevent any serious injuries or death from the moving garage door. When the garage door chain loosens up, it can cause accidents. So, you have to make sure that the garage door chain is tight. But the main question is, how to tighten the garage door chain? 

How to Tighten Garage Door Chain

To know more about this and how you can do that, read on. Below, we have provided a complete step by step process by which you can adjust the chain tension and tighten it, whenever needed.

Steps to Adjust the Chain Tension

Step #1: First you have to run the opener using the remote control or the door button. 

Step #2: Now disconnect the garage door first from the opener. If you have square rail opener, you have to pull the red manual for releasing the rope straight down and then take it back towards the motor unit. This will allow you to close as well as open the door by hand.

Step #3: With the help of two nuts and a threaded shaft, you can adjust the tension of the chain. The shaft and nuts are located on the inner trolley. If you are inside the garage looking toward the outside, then you will find these nuts for adjustment on the left-hand side of the rail. You have to loosen the outer nuts unless and until the chain droops down below the rail’s base. Then you have to loosen the inner nut to tighten the chain.

Step #4: For adding tension to the chain, you have to tighten the outer nit. With every turn you make on the outer nut, that chain will rise a little. You have to keep an eye on the midpoint of the rail. When the chain is about 1/2inch for the T-Rail and 1/4inch for the Square Rail above the base of the rain, you have to tighten the inner nut. 

So, these are some of the steps that you have to follow to tighten the garage door chain if you run into a basic garage door problem. It is very important to maintain this tightness to ensure better safety and security of the garage door. Garage door is the largest moving body in the house and it can cause many injuries in case of accidents. 

Bottom Line

If you were wondering about how to tighten the garage door chain, follow these aforementioned steps to tighten the garage door. It is also important to make sure that you are doing it in the right way and safely so that it won’t affect your garage door’s opening. You can get this done on your own and if you do not know how to do, then you can also call for a professional to help you in this. Also, make sure to check the tightness of the chain every now and then to make sure that there are no chances of any accidents or inconsistencies in the alignment of your garage or if it may be stuck on one side and not the other. You can use the garage freely without worrying about it.