How to Measure Garage Door Spring

Your garage door spring is a vital component that affects how your garage door works. The chances are you activate your garage door more than two times each day and the mechanical parts of the door such as the spring can wear out. For you to get the right spring for your garage door, you must have the right measurement. It’s crucial, therefore, to learn how to measure garage door spring.

How to Measure Garage Door Spring

This post provides a few tips on measuring your garage door spring to ensure you get the right one for your door and that it doesn’t malfunction or jerk when opening or closing.

The garage door spring controls the door’s upward and downward movement. Each time you activate your door, the coils are pulled and wound. While garage door springs, often referred to as torsion springs, are designed for such activity, but constant movement can take a toll on the spring wire. Eventually, you’ll have to change or adjust the springs.

Determining the Wind Direction of a Garage Door Spring

Knowing the direction in which the spring is wound helps you determine whether you need to replace a right-wound spring, a left-wound spring or both. In some cases, you’ll find that whenever one spring is broken, the other will be nearing the end of its useful life as well. During this time, it’s best to fix up any other dents or anything else that may be wrong with your garage. 

Why Wind Direction Matters

It’s important to know the wind direction of each torsion spring because it is critical to how the garage door operates. Each spring must turn in a certain direction for the door to raise. Similarly, the springs need to turn a certain way for the garage door to lower safely and steadily to the ground. Using a wrong-turning torsion spring on either side of the door will prevent it from functioning properly.

When contacting a garage door spring manufacturer for replacement requests, don’t forget to include details of the wind direction of the spring or set of springs you need to replace if you’re regularly opening the door or putting it on auto-reverse

Determining the Wire Size on Torsion Springs

When measuring a garage door spring, simply using a tape measure to record the length of the spring from one end to the other is just not enough. It’s also important to know the size of the wire itself. Measuring the size of the spring may seem complex but it’s as simple as measuring along the distance between 10 and 20 coils. You can then correlate the measurements to a wire size chart.

Wire size can be a bit trickier to determine when the spring is broken or rusty. However, you need to be very cautious when measuring garage door springs. For instance, don’t touch the coils while the spring is still installed. You need to safely remove the spring or spring halves and do all handling on a flat surface.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to measure garage door spring, you can ensure you have the right spring for your garage door. If you’re not sure you can handle the task on your own, seek professional help. A professional garage door contractor is knowledgeable and experienced and can ensure you get the right springs for your door.

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