Parts of a Garage Door Frame

The garage door is surely one of the most important parts of your house. It is solely responsible for keeping your personal goods and vehicles safe all the time. If your garage door is having any problems, then you can troubleshoot the garage door problem on your own too. But for that, you need to have proper knowledge of the different parts of a garage door frame. 

Parts of a Garage Door Frame 

If you are looking for a detailed report on the different parts of your garage door frame and their functions, then you are at the right place. Read below to know details about how garage door functions and the parts that play a vital role in its proper functioning.

  1. Tracks

The tracks include both trolley track and door track. The door tracks along both the side of the door. It guides for the rollers located on the door so that the pulley system can easily let the door go up and down. The trolley track has a chain on it which can move the door up and down using the electric garage door operator.

  1. Jamb and Flag Brackets

These two are the hardware pieces that are attached to the track of the wall as well as ceiling. It provides a great support for the tracks and to the garage door also. 

  1. Hanger Kit

The hanger kit is made up of pieces of galvanized steel which contains pre-punched holes in them. These holes can be used for attached the electric door operator to the garage’s ceiling and the tracks to the ceiling. They are available in unassembled way so that you can adjust the height as per your needs.

  1. Bottom Rail

The bottom rail is a horizontal rail of your garage door which is located at the lowermost section. If your garage floor is not even, then having this on the bottom of the garage door can be a real problem. This can allow the water and dust or debris to enter into your garage.

  1. Rollers

These are one of the moving parts which are also known as the wheels. These are located on either sides of the garage door. They sit right in the door tracks and enable the door to open or shut smoothly.

  1. Hinges

Though small in size, this moving part of the garage door plays a vital role. It enables the garage door to bend in order to store it while opening the door.

  1. Pulley and Cables

The cables are attached to both the springs and the electric garage door operator. This can lift the door upward so that you can open the door easily. 

In Conclusion

So, these are the important and inevitable parts of a garage door frame. When there is a problem with the garage door, it has to be one of these parts that is causing the main issue in closing or opening. You need to diagnose the problem or you can also call for a professional in that case if your garage is stuck or you have a different issue. Regardless, it’s important to follow proper safety tips to ensure that you’re handling the situation safely. 

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