How to Test Garage Door Sensors – What to Check

It is very embarrassing to get home from work and when you press the remote; your garage door does not open. A big probability is that you are facing a sensor problem. To ascertain if this is the problem, you should know how to test garage door sensors. Sometimes, it is only a small problem that you can fix and your door is back to opening and closing without putting up an act. 

How to Test Garage Door Sensors

This article will help you know when your garage door sensor is faulty and how to get around this sort of garage door technology. It will also share solutions to various problems. Do you want to stop the headache of having to open your door manually? Don’t stop reading to the last stop. 

Moist Sensors

It is possible for the sensors to be exposed to water or humidity, especially when it is near a sprinkler. Moisture is a big enemy to the functioning of the sensors. You simply have to dry it before it can be back to functioning normally. 

Obstruction to the Sensor Beam

The sensors are designed to hold the door back when there is an object in their way. This makes sure the door does not slam close when your car is in the middle of making an exit. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that nothing obstructs the sensor beam at all times. It’s especially important to keep any obstructions away from these beams when you’re programming your garage door to ensure that you’ve done it correctly. 

Misalignment of the Sensors

For the sensors to work flawlessly, they have to be aligned in a straight line. A small misalignment will lead to a malfunction. Inspect if you can see green lights on both of the sensors. If one is off, then that is the problem you are dealing with. You can then fix your garage door’s alignment accordingly.

Debris and Dust Over the Sensors

After leaving the sensors in wind and dust for long, a layer of debris will cover it. The beam will be obstructed. Make an effort to clean the sensors regularly. Wipe out the dust and remove any debris. 

Wear and Tear

Everything goes through tear and wear. Garage door sensors are not an exception. They will pick up dust, dirt, and depreciate with time. If you have been using the same set of sensors for over 10 years, you sure need to replace them. If this is the problem, a replacement will fix the problem once and for good. 

Lack of Power

Sensors rely on power to do their job. When the power supply is cut, they will be as dead as a rock. Look close into the sensors to see if they have LED light. If one or both of them is off, then it could be a problem with power supply. Sort out the power supply problem and your door will be back to working without a glitch. 

Bottom Line 

Garage door is a crucial part to your home safety. When the sensors are faulty, your entire home is at risk of safety. You should know how to test garage door sensors to pinpoint the exact problem. Such knowledge will come in handy when you find yourself stranded just because your door would not open remotely.