What Size Do Garage Doors Come In

When shopping around for a garage door, it’s important to find the right size door for your garage. Garage doors come in all kinds of materials, styles, types and colors in standard sizes. However, it’s important to note that there are lots of standard sizes, depending on the size of your garage and your requirements. So what size do garage doors come in?

What Size Do Garage Doors Come In

This article outlines the various sizes of standard garage doors. It highlights the various categories of garage doors and their respective sizes.

Most garage doors come in standard sizes for the regular residential garage doors, commercial garage doors, double garage doors and large garage doors. There are even custom-made garage doors.

Regular Residential Garage Doors

Single garage doors come in various sizes. Residential garage doors come in three main types of sizes: 10×7 feet, 9×7 feet and 8×7 feet. These sizes of garage doors are designed to fit garages with a single standard-sized car, van, truck or SUV. Most manufacturers have garage doors in these sizes.

Double Garage Doors

If you have vehicles that are slightly larger or you’d like to have more than one vehicle in your garage, then you’ll require double garage doors. They come in three different standard sizes: 16×7 feet, 14×7 feet and 12×7 feet. Double garage doors are also ideal if you’d like to utilize your garage as an additional storage space or workspace.

Large Garage Doors

If you have an RV, several cars or would simply like to utilize a really big space for your garage, then what you need is a large garage door. These types of garage doors come in 16×9 feet, 16×8 feet and can even stretch to as wide as 20 feet. This type of garage door is ideal if you’re planning to house an extra-wide vehicle, several cars or simply need an extra bit of space for your needs.

Commercial Garage Doors

If you’re running a business and require really big commercial doors to house a fleet of cars, trucks or simply accommodate large deliveries, then you can get standard-sized commercial garage doors. Garage door installers will typically determine the appropriate size of door for your needs based on the vehicle fleet or number of trucks that you have. Contractors will also consider the side room and headroom requirements. In addition to offering you an appropriately sized door, a reputable installer will recommend the best solutions based on your garage door usage and specifications.

Hiring a Professional

Only a professional garage door installer will have the knowledge and expertise to ensure a proper installation of your garage door. Be sure to do your due diligence and only hire an expert who can ensure a proper installation the first time.

Bottom Line

With the tips mentioned, you can now answer the question: what size do garage doors come in? However, there’s much more to choosing the right garage door than just the size. You must consider how to maintain the garage door, different garage door panels, and the style garage you want. It always helps to consult an expert. An experienced garage door installer can help you to determine the most appropriate type of garage door for your needs.